Storm over Bangui, Central African Republic

A look at the Bangui, capital and largest city of the Central African Republic that, according to the most influential newspapers, is at the top of the list of the ten worst in the world.

A photographic gaze of the city, capital of contradictions, from
the Boulevard de Gaulle to the mosques of Pk5, where “Ledger” is the name of the hotel with marble and swimming pool wanted by Muammar Gheddafi.

And yet what a (tropical) vision the Arc de Triomphe with the star erected by Bokassa, “the cannibal emperor” who gave diamond to Giscard d’Estaing and was betrayed by the French. Or the “futuristic ‘70s” buildings surveyed by Petit Futé, the only Bangui guide around.

I went to Bangui with journalist Vincenzo Giardina and thanks to AICS.
La Stampa

Federica Nardi, Silvia Laterza, Marco Barone