Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta S.p.a., Italy

The Pedemontana Veneta is the largest public work currently in construction in Italy. Once completed, it should be 94km long and it will connect 36 municipalities between Vicenza and Treviso. But at what price?

In different locations, its construction has intercepted old landfills and uncovered toxic waste, threatened the area’s biodiversity and dispossessed the lands of about 3,000 farms, with serious consequences for farmers and their families.

While the works are proceeding very slow, this photographic project wants to be an observation of the impact that a huge public work can have on the landscape and the communities that inhabit it.

Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta SPA is a journey on foot in 36 stages, in the productive heart of the North East, realized with a mix of photography, satellite images, objects, documents and interviews with the locals.

A slow exploration aimed at mapping a road born to unite, which ended up dividing.

Ongoing long-term personal project in collaboration with
Marco Tiberio, bruno, Serena Gasparoni.
Finalist at the National Geographic Prize 2019

junge Welt (GER)