The first time, Iceland

In summer 2018 Iceland became the smallest nation
 ever to participate in the FIFA World Cup.
 After taking part in the 2016 European Championships 
- and surprising everyone by making it into the
quarter finals - Russia 2018 was another great
 occasion for the men’s team to shine.

 Iceland was thrilled.
 And when we say Iceland, we refer to about 330.000 people,
 more or less the population of Bari, a city in Southern Italy.

‘The First Time’ is a reportage conceived and realized by me and journalist Cosimo Bizzarri that immortalises
 Iceland and its citizens as they prepare to what is
perhaps the largest sport event of their history.

Gunnar Sigurðarson and Promote Iceland, Davíð Páll Svavarsson Stjarnan fans, Gudmundur Benediktsson and the KSÍ - Knattspyrnusamband Íslands, Hákon Sverrisson, the young players of Breidablik, Larus and Víkingur supporters, Karen, Selma and Vestman Islands team, Icelandair for the flights support.

A special thanks to the Sportweek photo editor Naima Mancini.