The first time, North Macedonia

Born in 1991 after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, North Macedonia is the least known of the Balkan countries.

This year the men’s soccer team participated for the first
time in the European championships, a unique opportunity to consolidate the national identity abroad, also for a possible entry into the European Union, and to bring together under one flag a poppulation still divided by ethnic tensions.

“The First Time, North Macedonia” is a reportage that immortalizes the country and its inhabitants while they prepare for the biggest sport event in their history.
The New York Times (USA)
The Financial Times Weekend Magazine (UK)
Rivista Undici (ITA)
SoFoot (FRA)
Der Spiegel (GER)
6Mois (FRA)

Museum of Contemporary Photography, Milan (ITA)

Traveling exhibition in North Macedonia organized by the Italian Embassy (MKD)